With the beginning of Fall at hand, the staff at Miller Meadows turns their thoughts to preparing the property for winter. One of the most crucial parts of this is winterizing the community’s water lines before the beginning of October. To keep the lines safe during winter temperatures, residents must confirm their heat tape is functioning properly and wrap the pipes underneath their homes with insulation. These actions will prevent damage to both the lines and your home. Stores such as Home

Many of us are becoming more aware of chemicals in the products we use every day, whether because of environmental concerns or sensitivities to certain products. Luckily there are many natural products that provide the same level of cleaning power without all the harsh scents and bad effects. Using them can even save you a lot of money over commercial products.Baking soda is one of the most versatile products. You probably already use it to bake and may have a box to deodorize your fridge. But