Summer means lots of activities with friends, family, and neighbors, and you’re sure to have at least one potluck or BBQ to attend. But the heat of summer often has us avoiding the stove. If you’re looking for something that requires no or minimal cooking to bring to the next gathering, here’s an idea for you.Everyone loves a good desert, and trifles are one of the easiest to make. There are different kinds with different ingredients, but a basic trifle recipe to try is cake, pudding, whipped

When the sun’s rays beat down in the hottest part of the day, maintaining your cool is easiest if you’re properly hydrated. But many of us need a little flavor to encourage us to keep drinking liquids. Unfortunately, sodas and sports drinks are loaded with sugar. With just a few tweaks, though, plain water can be jazzed up to give you the variety you crave.Adding fruit is a great way to flavor your water. Citrus is a good place to start, but berries, kiwi, and grapes also provide good flavor.

Miller Meadows is proud to call Spanish Fork home, and summer is a great time to head into town for community activities and events that will make your summer more enjoyable. Here’s a look at a few events coming up in July and August.On July 15 from 9am- 2pm, make sure to check out the Street Fair on Main event. You’ll be able to browse through everything from handmade crafts to food products. Admission is free. For more information, go here.For the second year in a row, Movie Night on Main

Our Pinewood Estates community is lucky to call Idaho Falls home. There’s always something to do, and one of our favorite places to visit is the Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park. In addition to their regular activities and exhibits, summer brings extra excitement and activities for kids and grown-ups alike.New babies abound this summer, especially among the zoo’s bird population. Four baby swans, or cygnets, joined their proud parents in the Australia exhibit, mid-May. Shortly after, the