One weekend a year, medieval England comes to Utah via the Utah Renaissance Faire. Visitors of all ages love the fun and excitement of the faire, and you’re sure to find something for everyone. Take a walk through the old marketplace and browse through handcrafted items for you and your home. Enjoy the entertainment of theater, music and street performers, or cheer on your favorite competitor in the jousting, archery, or sword and shield combat shows. There are even educational presentations on

An active lifestyle means more than just physical movement. It’s just as important to keep your brain engaged, and a great way to do that is trying new things. Retirement brings the freedom to experiment and find your perfect new hobby or deepen your knowledge. And keeping yourself engaged in activities you enjoy helps reduce the boredom and loneliness that often comes with retirement.Many people become less comfortable with change and trying new things as they get older. So how do you keep your