TACO hosted a two-day webinar last week that provided training for Certified Pool Operators (CPOs), according to a press release.

The Certified Pool Operator (CPO) class taught by Terry Munoz was held May 21-22 with 10 hours of instruction, plus a test at the end that enabled participants to obtain their certifications.

Twenty-two out of 23 park operators who took the class passed the exam for the 10-hour course, which spanned two days, not counting test time.

Kenna Lucas, who co-owns and operates El Campo Lost Lagoon RV Resort in El Campo, Texas, said having her employees take pool operator training online is efficient and enables her to save the travel expenses that would normally be required for such training.

“It was convenient and economical not having to arrange travel, and employees were able to spend more time at work during our busy season,” Lucas said, adding, “Being able to take the class at the resort allowed them to go immediately out to our facilities with the fresh knowledge and review what they learned. We have a need for this class every couple of years, partly due to adding water features, and partly due to staff turnover.”

TACO members can sign up to attend the next TACO webinars at https://tacomembers.com/.