Even if the kiddos attend summer school or camp during the summer, parents may hear “I’m bored” more than usual, especially if bad weather or high temperatures keep them indoors. But there are many ways to keep them occupied that won’t break the bank. Even if you’re not experienced with arts and crafts, there are simple projects you can do with the kids or supervise that will work their creative brain. Put together a craft bin that contains some old magazines, construction paper, stickers,

Many of us are eager to get outdoors and enjoy everything summer has to offer. But often, bad weather or the heat of the day can keep us inside, longing for a bit of sun. Here are some tips to brighten up your home and bring some of that sunshine inside!The simplest way to bring summer in, is to get fresh air circulating! Open up the windows and let your space breathe a little. If you use candles or air fresheners, swap out your current scents for citrus, linen, or lavender. You can even make