Preparing apple pie for the holidays? It’s definitely a classic, but sometimes you want something a little different. Try one of these variations to make your pies even more mouth-watering!Using a mix of apples in your pie can really balance out the flavors between sweet and tart. Try Fuji, Gala, Braeburn, and Granny Smith for the perfect mix or experiment with your favorites! For a heartier pie, mix in some walnuts and cranberries.Adding a little heat in the form of cayenne pepper also helps to

We hear about the benefits of tea all the time these days, but how do you choose the best one for you? All teas come from the same leaves, but each type of tea varies in its taste due to the amount of oxidation and processing. One thing to remember is that no matter your taste buds, you can find the perfect tea for you if you know a few simple characteristics about each.The lightest type of tea is white tea; it is minimally handled and processed. White tea is generally the lowest in caffeine and

Many people have a slow cooker in their kitchen, but few really take advantage of this great appliance that makes cooking simple and economical. Fall is a great time to experiment with new recipes and make your slow cooker work for you.For those who don’t like to cook, the temptation to order take-out food is strong, especially on cold nights when all you want to do is huddle under a blanket or on busy weekends where you’re running around town all day. With just a small amount of planning, you