We hear about the benefits of tea all the time these days, but how do you choose the best one for you? All teas come from the same leaves, but each type of tea varies in its taste due to the amount of oxidation and processing. One thing to remember is that no matter your taste buds, you can find the perfect tea for you if you know a few simple characteristics about each.
The lightest type of tea is white tea; it is minimally handled and processed. White tea is generally the lowest in caffeine and very mild, so it is often paired with fruit flavors. Their delicate taste and scent may not be strong enough for some people. This type of tea requires a lower temperature water and short steeping time to maintain delicacy.
Green tea is quite famous these days. It retains most of the benefits of the plant since it is not oxidized. This also results in a low, stable caffeine content. Because it is so close to the natural plant state, its taste can be more astringent. If the water is too hot or the tea is steeped too long, the flavor can become bitter and grassier.
Black tea is the most popular type of tea in the United States and is the one most are familiar with. The caffeine content is generally similar to a cup of coffee. While white and green teas require lower temperature and short steeping periods, black teas do well with hotter water and can withstand longer steeping times.
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