An active lifestyle means more than just physical movement. It’s just as important to keep your brain engaged, and a great way to do that is trying new things. Retirement brings the freedom to experiment and find your perfect new hobby or deepen your knowledge. And keeping yourself engaged in activities you enjoy helps reduce the boredom and loneliness that often comes with retirement.
Many people become less comfortable with change and trying new things as they get older. So how do you keep your mind challenged when the thought of learning a new hobby seems daunting? Start with something you already do. Trying out things that use similar skills are a low-stress way to ease into new experiences. If you like to paint, try using a different medium like watercolors or oils. Have you been keeping a journal since you were sixteen? Try writing a short story. Experiment with new recipes that feature familiar ingredients. If you don’t know where to get started, the library is a great place to find books and often videos that will show you step-by-step how to bake a flourless cake or build a model airplane. You Tube online has videos of people walking you through just about anything.
Learning shouldn’t stop when we leave formal education, and retirement is a great time to take advantage of the so-called information age we live in. Always wanted to take a class in political science or study Shakespeare? There are so many resources open to you online. Many universities have free courses online that provide self-paced learning through videos and a suggested reading list. There are also podcasts on everything from true crime to science that will keep your mind engaged as you deepen your knowledge of a topic.
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