When the sun’s rays beat down in the hottest part of the day, maintaining your cool is easiest if you’re properly hydrated. But many of us need a little flavor to encourage us to keep drinking liquids. Unfortunately, sodas and sports drinks are loaded with sugar. With just a few tweaks, though, plain water can be jazzed up to give you the variety you crave.
Adding fruit is a great way to flavor your water. Citrus is a good place to start, but berries, kiwi, and grapes also provide good flavor. You can also include fresh herbs like mint, which has cooling properties, or lavender, which is soothing.
There’s a reason that spas often add cucumber slices to their water. Cucumber can help to flush out the water retention in your body that often accompanies heat. Its high level of potassium is said to help maintain blood pressure, something very important when the temperature soars.
Here are a few flavor combinations to inspire you:
Strawberry and basilWatermelon and mintCucumber, lime, and mintBlueberry, lemon, and lavenderGrapefruit and strawberryOrange and cranberry
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