With the beginning of Fall at hand, the staff at Miller Meadows turns their thoughts to preparing the property for winter. One of the most crucial parts of this is winterizing the community’s water lines before the beginning of October. To keep the lines safe during winter temperatures, residents must confirm their heat tape is functioning properly and wrap the pipes underneath their homes with insulation. These actions will prevent damage to both the lines and your home. Stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, as well as local plumbers, carry heat tape and pipe insulation if you need to replace yours.
An additional part of the winterization process falls on residents as well. You are required to immediately notify our office of any water leaks under your home. Notification can be made by email, voicemail, or a note placed in the mail slot. For us to evaluate the source of the leak and take any required action before winter, please check your lines as soon as possible.
PLEASE BE AWARE: You must properly prepare your pipes and notify the office immediately of any leaks. If your pipes freeze due to your negligence in failing to do these things, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs, which is likely to total at least $5,000.00.
Miller Meadows wants our residents to stay healthy and happy! If you already call us home, let us know how we can improve our community! If you’re not a resident yet, what are you waiting for? Call our onsite manager, Carla, for more information and availability, at 801-798-1728.