Have you ever thought of making a camping trip the center of your Christmas celebrations? This may not be feasible in some parts of the country, but in the southern tier of states, it could be rewarding.

Camping in general tends to foster closer family relationships, since it strips away many of the modern-day distractions that can hinder bonding. Engaging in this activity during Christmas could prove to be a unique experience, creating a memory that would be long cherished.

If you are lonely or are an empty nester, you could enjoy the company of other campers at parks that offer Christmas activities. These may include a special meal, caroling and other get-togethers.

Some of you who engage in the RV lifestyle year-round like to decorate your motorhome for the holidays. Adding items such as nativity scenes, stockings and lighted villages as well as wreaths, tiny-lighted trees and garlands can impart that warm homey look everyone longs for this time of year. Just a few small touches can make your RV abode a cup of Christmas cheer.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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