Camping with the kids can either be a joy or a pain depending on how much preparation you’ve done for your trip. When shopping for family camping gear, remember to prioritize comfort, size and, whenever possible, entertainment value for the kids.


Kids should always be geared properly for camping trips. Besides weatherproof clothing to protect them from catching a cold or fever when exposed to ill weather, proper footwear is also vital. This will minimize risk of injury when you’re all traveling on foot.

Sleeping Gear

If you like sleeping together in one tent, try to look for family tents that offer optional partitions – some models can even divide a tent into three “rooms” – to give you and your children privacy whenever needed. If you have particularly young ones in tow, there are also tents that offer lockable entryways and windows that are above children’s height.

There are also many tents, cots, and sleeping bags specifically made for children. Besides offering kid-friendly designs, they also offer features like hidden compartments for their toys and built-in pillows.

Cooking Gear

Kids get cranky when they’re hungry so that’s one thing you should avoid at all costs during camping or any trip for that matter. As such, you need to make sure the kitchen gear or cooking set you purchase utilizes the best technology to provide hot and delicious meals as quickly as possible. Your camp kitchen should also include enough utensils for everyone to enjoy their meals in comfort.

Other essential features to consider are compact packaging, safety, and user-friendliness. As it’s not easy looking after children when vacationing outdoors, the last thing you’ll need is a cooking set that’s complex to operate and pack.

Survival Gear

Your children will try harder to behave when they feel they’re treated as an adult. One way of inspiring good behavior from your kids is by equipping them with kid-friendly survival gear for outdoors. This includes first aid kits specifically designed for children’s use, pocket flashlights, and light sticks.

It would also be good for everyone concerned if you can teach them how to read maps and use a compass. Further, giving your kids a guide for identifying poisonous and edible plants can be both an educational and recreational experience.

Having the right camping gear will always make family trips more enjoyable and secure, but nothing beats taking proper precautions. Never forget to educate your children about the common dangers found outdoors and what they can do when they find themselves in potentially risky situations.

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