Shopping for a used motorhome is different from shopping for a used car, when one of the top considerations is the odometer reading.  Although this reading should be considered, other factors should be evaluated as well. Mike Martinkus of Motorhomes of Texas provides the following tips regarding how to determine if a used motorhome is too old.

First smell the interior to see if you can detect a mildew scent. If you do, it indicates the unit has a leak or has had one in the past.

Check under the engine for the presence of fluid drips or puddles. See if you find dirt or corrosion on the batteries.

Sniff the refrigerator to see if you note an ammonia odor. If this is present, it probably indicates that the cooling unit is leaking.

Look for signs of wear and tear in the interior. Check the front edges of the front seats, and ascertain the condition of the carpet in high traffic areas. Look for grease buildup under the stovetop. Check floors, cabinets and storage compartments for scrape marks. See if you find exhaust dirt marks on the air conditioner outlets. Check the condition of the mattresses.

The above suggestions are only a few things to evaluate. You really need to go over the interior and exterior with a fine-toothed comb to see if the unit has been well-maintained. Sometimes a unit with a high odometer reading can be in mint condition, while at other times a unit with a low odometer reading can show many signs of wear and tear. So while you want to definitely check the odometer, you also need to determine the unit’s general condition before you make your decision. Martinkus asserts that high-end motorhomes like Newell and Foretravel and Country Coach can last a long time if they are carefully maintained.

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