If you love to camp, you may occasionally entertain the idea of operating an RV park. CNN Money reports that you can make good money as an RV park owner if you have a certain personality profile and keep a few things in mind.

The right temperament involves being a friendly “people person.” RVers like to talk to each other, and one of their favorite subjects is sharing what parks to avoid where the staff was rude. Likewise, they also like to make recommendations on where to go and stay. So your park’s reputation can make you or break you. Since word-of-mouth advertising is very powerful in the RV park world, it is essential that you are naturally outgoing.

Other requirements include keeping the park clean and maintaining the amenities in working order. Loving the RV lifestyle and spending time outdoors are also needed. All these factors, together with having friendly staff, appear to be the winning formula for success.

With the baby boomer generation discovering the joys of RV travel, the industry is growing and sales are strong. David Gorin, president of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, says it is a good business. However, he cautions new owners against making costly improvements when they first buy an RV park.

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