With the expansive array of tent models on the market, it can be daunting to know which one is right for your needs. In an interview with USA Today, Sharon Scott of The Coleman Company provides some shopping tips and recommends making out two lists before you browse through the available options. One list should delineate all the essential characteristics you need in a tent, while the other list should involve tent features you would enjoy having but don’t absolutely need. Here are some things Scott says to keep in mind.


Tents with vertical walls will be roomier that those with sloping walls. However, the sloping variety is more resistant to wind and snow loading.


Backpackers should opt for featherweight varieties since they will be carrying them on their backs. Those pitching their tent next to their vehicle don’t need to be concerned about the extra pounds, so they can choose a tent with extra features.


Tents made with mesh and ventilation are ideal for warm, humid weather. But winter campers should opt for four-season tents that will help protect them from wind, cold and snow.

Other Considerations

Check the construction of the roof and floor, making sure the top and rain-fly seams are taped at the factory. This will help to prevent leaking at the stitch lines, Scott notes. She also recommends shoppers look for styles that lift the floor seams a few inches off the ground.

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