School will be out soon, so many families will be planning summer camping trips. In choosing where to stay, here are a few tips provided by Out & About Live to keep in mind that will enhance your family’s enjoyment of the camping experience.

  • Look for places that have spaces to play ball games as well as hiking and biking trails.
  • Since kids love water activities, find a park that has a lake, pond or some kind of swimming area.
  • Check to see if the park permits campfires, so the family can have the pleasure of roasting marshmallows.
  • See if the park has rainy day option like an onsite recreation room.
  • Choose a park that has organized activities, as they can be fun for the entire family.
  • Make sure the site is a safe distance from the road to prevent traffic concerns.
  • If you are bringing a baby along, check and see if the park’s restroom has a baby-change area.
  • In addition to looking for kid-friendly campsites, find a park with a beautiful view the adults will enjoy.

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