camping-trip-tipsYou can get the most of your camping trip with some preplanning that will make the experience more comfortable, pleasurable and safe. Charles Bridwell of Advance-Monticellonion offers the tips below.

Anything that gives you a good night’s sleep is worthwhile. For better rest, try sleeping on a self-inflating air mattress rather than a sleeping bag.

A tasty meal can enhance the enjoyment of any endeavor, so put some thought into planning the best meals possible. If you’re backpacking, you can have a hot meal with freeze-dried food. Otherwise, imagine how good a juicy steak would taste grilled over hot coals. Likewise, some freshly-caught fish, coated with meal and fried in a skillet with a pat of butter, will taste amazing.

Make the trip memorable with good times by the campfire. Pack the fixings for hot dogs and s’mores, and bring along a guitar.

Keep safe by listening to weather reports and seeking shelter when needed. In addition, bring along a first aid kit, cell phone, pocket flashlight, compass, GPS and maps. Always let someone know where you’re going and when to expect you back. Take along plenty of water, and don’t go on a hike without carrying water bottles.