If you are a camping novice, you can learn much from experienced campers. Cheri Spino, a seasoned camper of eight years, shares her advice with others on toledoBlade.com. Her main three recommendations for new campers involve preparation, flexibility and a sense of adventure.


Spino advises making a trip to the library to check out camping books then borrowing some equipment to make a weekend test trip to a park close to home.

Planning where to go can be fun, as you explore all the possibilities and weigh the pros and cons of each location. Evaluate your family’s interests and choose a park and geographical area tailored to their preferences.

Be Flexible

As much as possible, stay open to stops along the way like ice cream stands.

If you burn dinner, it’s not a problem. Just drive into town for some burgers.


Involve the children in setup and cleanup to keep them busy and lighten your load.

Many foods can be made ahead. Spino provides the example of making pancake batter at home and putting it in a container in the cooler.

Camping can involve a certain amount of effort and planning, but when you think of the priceless memories it will create, it is well worth it.

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