We frequently hear reports of people being killed or hurt in RV parks, as well as in state or national parks through murder, natural disasters or the neglect of common safety procedures. Due to this sobering reality, when baby boomers decide on their RV park destinations, the number one criteria they look for is safely and security for their families and rigs. In the recent issue of Bud Suries’ Consulting Group Newsletter, Mr. Suries provides some tips for park owners to make their areas safer.

  • Establish a curfew on entrances and exits by non-park guests and enforce it by installing key pad and pressure pad gates.
  • Use security cameras, which can act as a deterrent to mischief-makers.
  • Be safety conscious. This can deter you from building in a hazardous area or from erecting unsafe play equipment.
  • Employ a security guard.
  • In lighting the park, find the right balance between safety issues and permitting residents to enjoy the stars at night.

If you are proactive in addressing security concerns, your will build a loyal customer base who feel safe at your park.

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