Social networking is a hot topic these days, with the concept infiltrating many segments of our society. Now, it appears that RVers have hopped onboard the social networking bandwagon and are enjoying its manifold benefits. When they join recreational vehicle groups, they learn more about the RV lifestyle as well as meet people with similar interests.

While RV networking is a nice idea for any camper, it is especially advantageous for widows and widowers who can join RV caravans traveling to various locations. Not only is there more safety in numbers, but camping trips are made immeasurably more enjoyable through the friendships that form during these excursions.

Aside from making trips with others, RVers can join the cyberworld camping communities of forums. When they logon, they can exchange ideas about many things and before long, a tightly knit group has formed that feels like a family.

RVers can also join camping clubs that offer members a monthly magazine and discounts on motorhome insurance, along with other benefits like mail forwarding and trip routing. The yearly membership fee is in all likelihood well worth the investment.

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