Although the limited storage capacity of an RV can present challenges, space can be maximized through the use of inexpensive storage containers and creativity. Best of the Road offers excellent tips to guide campers in this area.

Stackable storage units with lids can organize your belongings and prevent them from ending up in a chaotic pile during the journey. Large containers are ideal for storing linens and can be kept under a bed. Small units are great for storing kitchen supplies, such as spices, coffee and tea, as well as utensils and gadgets. Medium-sized containers are nice for storing socks and underwear, and it’s a good idea to bring some empty ones for dirty clothes or firewood.

Aside from deciding how to store items, campers must decide what to take on a trip and what to leave at home. In regard to books, magazines and CDs, use digital versions as much as possible. Also, eliminate unnecessary duplicates like two can openers or six sets of towels that will only be used by two people. Carefully considering what to pack and taking only the essentials can provide extra space and reduce the overall weight of the vehicle.

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