BDN Maine Living reports on retired couple George and Donna Thomas who are new RVers, having spent only eight months on the road in a motorhome. So how’s it going? All indications point toward it being a positive, enjoyable experience.

They rave about the extraordinary scenery they would never see through traveling in a plane. After driving through the depth and breadth of the country, they seem to have particularly enjoyed the landscape of Northern Arizona between Utah and Nevada, called it unbelievable.

When asked how they were getting along in close quarters, they said you would be surprised how spacious and comfortable they were in their RV. Their motorhome has many of the amenities of home, including a king-size bed, 42-inch flat screen TV and solid hickory cabinets.

Another aspect of the RV lifestyle that they feel enamored with is meeting interesting people. They say everyone has a unique story of why they chose to be an RVer. And it’s easy to make friends. “When the weather was warmer in Tucson, we sat under our awning and watched our outside TV. When football is on you are sure to attract a few neighbors over,” they remark.

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Retired couple explores RV life on the road