For those of you who haven’t noticed, we have made an update to what was our “iPhone Application” page.  We decided to move to an all-encompassing mobile phone section because as the market grows for smart devices, the number of applications will grow, not just for iPhone but for Blackberry and Android devices as well.  We feel this fits our thinking that if you are looking for information on camping, you are not limited to one application or even one device.

Yes, the iPhone has the largest App Store, but the others are slowly catching up, and for the most part the best apps are on all devices.  And, No, not every single “camping” application is on our list – we did our best to sift through the lists and find what we thought were the best targeted to those looking to find a place to stay. There were many other apps about what to bring on the trip, help with organizing your RV, things like that. We were looking for those apps that used GPS to help campers find their location.

If you know of an app that you think should be there please let us know. Shoot me an email at [email protected]