Before setting out on your trip, it’s important to prepare your motorhome to maximize your safety and minimize the risk of peril on the road. The Province provides tips by Bob McHugh, an automotive journalist, to guide you in your preparations. He passes on the following recommendations of Jake Hamilton, an RV repair expert.

  • Change the oil every year, even if you haven’t driven the motorhome much.
  • Hamilton states that the most frequent problem his business encounters is brake failure, which can ensue from rusting caused by moisture seeping into the brake fluid while in storage. He recommends RV owners change the brake fluid every two years. Additionally, motorhomes can cause brake pads to deteriorate if the driver exerts heavy pressure on the pedal. He says RVers should follow the example of commercial truck drivers who have the expertise to conserve brakes to make them last longer.
  • Replace the tires every seven years, even if they appear to be in good condition. Hamilton points out that a tire blowout can seriously damage the RV and injure the family.
  • Change the transmission oil every five years, using synthetic oil for the best protection.
  • Finally, get a BCAA membership card for protection in case of mechanical trouble on the road.

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