Forbes reports on Work Kamping, a program launched by KOA in 2005 that offers hundreds of job opportunities within their network of campgrounds. This type of work is ideal for retirees who love camping and have a need to supplement their income. It is the perfect lifestyle for people in their 50s and 60s who love travel and want to stay active.

Chuck and Joyce Fagan are an Ohio couple who have sold their home and become members of the nomadic tribe of boomers called work campers. The couple lives and works in different KOA locations for several months at a time, earning a modest salary. They are thoroughly enjoying their new lifestyle that permits them to meet new people and participate in activities like hiking or rafting in various parts of the country, including Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota.

The work camping life is not without drawbacks, as it involves leaving family members and also requires some adjustments in living in an RV year-round. However, the Fagans are delighted with the lifestyle and plan to stay on as Work Kampers as long as they are able.

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