Lynne Maloy, a Delaware Jellystone manager is addressing the challenge of getting tween and teen campers to disconnect from the internet and become involved in outdoor activates. In this endeavor, Maloy has hired childhood education specialists to develop programs and strategies to engage this age group in entertainment that is both mentally and physically stimulating.

Through participating in hayrides and age-appropriate building blocks games, the ice is broken between children at the campground, enabling them to bond and make friends. The friendships formed through organized children’s activities seem to carry over into non-organized activities, such as playing together in the swimming pool or getting together an impromptu basketball game. These connections with their peers form a sense of community, helping them to have fun in the campground setting and forget about the internet.

Jellystone parks tend to have other activities to help families enjoy the camping experience, such as themed weekends, bicycle parades and karaoke competitions.  Maloy states that when they see children leave with tears in their eyes, they know they have done a good job.

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