Amenities are available for those who love the idea of spending time in the outdoors connecting with family and nature, but hate the idea of roughing it. Innovations in the camping industry have made it far more comfortable and less rugged than it was in years past.

Jim Rogers, chairman and CEO of KOA, refers to today’s camping trips as being “soft rugged.” Although KOA still provides basic cabins, they also offer luxury ones that could be comparable to those found in non-camping resorts.

Hardier souls who prefer to sleep in a tent can now purchase a host of equipment and gear to make their camping more pleasant. There is no need to endure grainy cowboy coffee because French presses are manufactured for outdoor use. Also, if hamburgers or hot dogs aren’t your cup of tea, you can buy freeze-dried gourmet entrees, as well as chocolate cheesecake to take on your trip.

Of course, such amenities don’t appeal to everyone. For the purists who feel such niceties detract rather than add to the true outdoor experience, the old-fashioned way of camping will always be available. Get all the latest industry news on our Access Camping website.