While some RVers use their motorhome for trips during certain times of the year, others actually live in their motorhomes year round. The winter upkeep of these recreational vehicles for those who live in areas of the country that have icy, snowy weather can be difficult. A new option for winter residency is now available that may be a good solution for some.

A four million dollar indoor RV park has opened in North Dakota that has 240 units available for rent. The concept behind this facility is to provide people living in their RVs a sense of normalcy, says Tyler Sperling, manager of the company overseeing the construction of this project. Housed within the facility are a laundry room and mailboxes, along with a common area with pool tables and cooking amenities. Sperling characterizes the park as an “all-inclusive, long-term RV storage facility that people can live in.”

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