Now that the summer season is in full swing, parents may wonder how to keep their kids entertained on a family camping vacation. Since electronics have such a tenacious hold on children today, interesting them in the great outdoors may feel like a challenge. With some preplanning and a little creativity, you can engage them in activities they will enjoy, making memories that will last a lifetime.

First, teach them how to read a map so they can help you navigate to the desired destination. This will help them to feel involved.

Other ideas include scavenger hunts and nature crafts. Also, exploring the general area for historical landmarks and interesting spots can add enjoyment to a trip.

Story telling and singing songs around a campfire are time-honored ways of spending an evening on a camping trip. As parents and children gather around a flickering fire to talk, sing and make s’mores under a starry sky, bonding and sharing will ensue, strengthening family bonds. All the technological gadgets in the world can’t be compared to a good old-fashioned camping trip.

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