Although camping in general can be an economic way to vacation, those who enjoy the rugged outdoors and don’t mind doing without amenities can save even more money on campground fees if they know where to go. Benzinga provides these tips on how to camp very cheaply. While some of these options aren’t for everyone, they can permit adventurous souls who like to rough it to see amazing sights for little or no cost.

Camping in a wilderness area, which is a piece of protected land in its natural state, may require a permit but often does not involve a fee. Cars are usually not allowed on this land, nor do these areas have running water or bathrooms. This option is camping in the purest sense of the word, as it involves nothing but you and the great outdoors.

National forests are another choice for free or low-cost camping. Many of these areas have campgrounds, but the amenities will vary from one to another.

Other choices include government land or retail parking lots. The following three sites can help you locate such free or low-cost camping options:

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