Just as technology and the internet have make many areas of our lives easier, they are providing tools that streamline the process of planning camping trips as well. RV Trip Wizard, a tool accessible through computers or smart phones, provides a database of campgrounds from different clubs and affiliations. Also included is helpful information about fuel, meal and camping costs, along with locations for fuel stops, rest stops and Wal-Marts. A nice feature for RVers who take their pets along with them on trips is a list of pet hospitals.

Another tool available on the internet is CampWiz.com, a free service that permits visitors to plan trips though devising personalized camping checklists and providing reviews of campgrounds across the country. It offers list of amenities available in each campground, including electric hookups, stores and recreational facilities. Nearby tourist attractions like museums and amusement parks are provided as well.

The wealth of information given by such tools will likely save campers much time and trouble. Keep up to date on all the camping news on our Access Camping website.