Everyone, mark your calendars because the Great American Campout is coming up on June 22. Woodall’s Campground Management reports that this annual event is an initiative of the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Great Outdoors Month, which has the intent of getting 2 million more children to spend at least a little time outdoors every week.

Karoline Hunt, the chief manager of special events for NWF, says they want kids to slow down and get a reprieve from their overscheduled lives. The goal is to get them outside and unplugged as well as to enable them to learn about nature, she adds.

Any form of camping will do, whether it is a backyard, neighborhood park or balcony, Hunt explains. “It’s just getting outside and looking at the stars. There’s a lot of free things you can do if you’re an urban camper.”

The efforts of this organization are to be lauded, as children miss out on so much when they don’t spend time outdoors regularly. Once they are removed from electronics, they can learn a different way of interacting with their environment. While filling their lungs with fresh air, they can also discover simple pleasures like sitting around a campfire telling stories.

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