For RVers who have plenty of time to explore Europe and like meeting people, a European camping trip might be something to consider. Those interested in such a delightful prospect can rent a motorhome and travel the highways and byways, reveling in the gorgeous scenery and interesting rural attractions. IdeaMerge advises starting the trip in Germany, as the RVs are less costly there and the insurance permits you to drive nearly anywhere in Western Europe.

A nice advantage of this form of travel is that it involves many natural opportunities to visit with the locals. Camping in an RV in Europe is much more of a social occasion than it is in America. Once you reach your campground destination for the night and settle in, prepare to meet and get to know the local RVers.

Have you ever wanted to tour the beautiful country of Scotland and perhaps catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster? The Loch Ness area has a glamping retreat that combines upscale camping with monster-watching. You can relax inside a swanky cabin with heated floors and a view of the loch. European camping has so many possibilities.

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