How you ever wondered how to increase your income or support yourself while living the RV lifestyle? The RV Daily Report provides this account of a couple who earn a livelihood from their RV by making sunshades. It may inspire you and give you some ideas.

Tom Seeley has exchanged the emotionally stressful and physically hazardous occupation of coal mining for the pleasant RV lifestyle that is financed through making custom solar shades for the windows of motorhomes. The special product serves to keep the interior of the RV cooler through blocking the sun rays. It also provides privacy, as the fabric permits those inside to see out while preventing those outside from seeing in unless it is nighttime.

The business is working for them, giving them control over their finances and need for time off. When they need money they accept more orders, but when they need to take a break they go to a place where they can rest a few days. The couple appreciate the flexibility involved.

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