When considering what to give a camper for Christmas, the possibilities can generally fall into two categories: those that are necessities and those that are niceties. The main thing to remember is simply to choose the gift according to the needs or preferences of the recipient.

The practical gifts may not seem very exciting, but if they can help keep the camper safe or comfortable, they are perhaps the best gifts of all. As outdoor activities have some natural hazards associated with them, first aid kits are worthwhile. For winter campers, any item that will help keep them warm, such as a goose down jacket or long winter underwear, will be welcome.

If the camper seems to have all the basic essentials, the market has many gift options that would make the camping experience more pleasant. A prime example of this type of gift is a small, lightweight café press, which would provide the recipient with a great cup of coffee in the morning. Summer campers would enjoy a relaxing hammock, bird watching campers would appreciate a set of binoculars and foodies would adore packaged gourmet foods designed for camping trips. Almost any camper would like to have a cool camping cookbook to give them meal ideas and tips. The gift options are very broad and varied.

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