Over the years, camping has evolved and been redefined in different ways. A few decades ago, the typical camping trip involved sleeping in a tent in the woods. Today, most campers stay at camping parks, and they are especially allured by those that offer more amenities and amusements. They are not only interested in more traditional outdoor activity options, such as canoeing or kayaking, but they also enjoy non-traditional ones like movies and miniature golf. In short, today’s campers want more things to do.

In addition to activities, today’s campers look for internet connectivity, so they can keep in touch with family and friends. Another trend is the option of staying in a cabin, which is nice for those who desire more of the comforts and conveniences of home.

Although the camping experience has changed with time, the two basic benefits remain the same: spending time with family and enjoying nature. Stay on top of the latest camping info at our Access Camping website.