America’s national parks, encompassing more than 84 million acres of scenery that encompass majestic mountains, sparkling waters and pristine forests, showcase the incredible diverse beauty of the country. If you haven’t visited Pinnacles, the newest national park, you are in for a treat, as it has much to offer.

Tucked away south of San Francisco, its dramatic landscape resembles a catalogue of natural wonders, including mountains with jagged spires, waterfalls, caves, shady woodlands and rolling hills. Characterized by a fantasyland of pinnacles, the unique vista was formed by a combination of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in centuries past. The impressive flora and fauna include live oaks and larkspur along with bobcats, white-throated swifts and yellow-billed magpies.

Gavin Emmons, a wildlife biologist who lives in the area, reports to the Washington Post that he enjoys hiking in winter because of the mild temperatures and exploring in spring because of the flowing streams and blooming wildflowers. He recommends dusk and dawn as being particularly gorgeous due to the colorful light reflected on the rocks and the greater likelihood of spotting wildlife.

As you walk along the trails, delights await you at each altitude, such as birds feasting on winter berries, moss draped trees and rocks adorned with jewel-colored lichens. With all the glories of nature on display, touring this park has been described as a spiritual experience.

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