Vacationing in your RV is relaxing, but it isn’t a time to let down your guard about identity theft and other travel related dangers. Equifax provides some simple precautions that can prevent these catastrophes.

Be careful about actions that alert criminals you are out of town. Place a hold on your mail so passersby won’t see an overstuffed mailbox. Also, don’t talk about your travel plans on social media.

Protect your electronics. Create a password for access to your smartphone, and if you must travel with your laptop, ensure its antivirus and spyware programs are adequate.

Don’t leave your personal information in places where others can see it. Only put your last name and phone number on luggage tags. Discard used boarding passes because they often contain your full name and other information that you wouldn’t want to get into the wrong hands.

Keep only the bare necessities in your wallet. Leave library cards and other such cards at home in case you become the victim of a pickpocket.

Don’t use ATMs that are out in the open. Opt instead for these located in banks.

Protect your credit. You can place a travel alert on your credit card accounts. It’s also a good idea to freeze your credit with all three credit bureaus.

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