The Outdoor Foundation has released a new study, reporting that 43 million Americans went camping last year. This American Camper Report provides statistics on camping participation and campers’ preferences, as well as looks into the future of the industry

Camping’s increase in popularity is portrayed by the numbers, with the 43 million count being an increase over 40 million campers in 2010. The areas of the country having the highest camping participation rate were the mountain regions.

Typical campers went on five camping trips during the year, traveling an average of 191 miles from their home to the campground. Campers include friends on their trips 70 percent of the time, and the favorite activity to participate in on a trip is hiking.

In the coming year, campers plan to make 4.3 trips. The most common reason campers site for cutting back on the number of trips is work and family commitments.

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