Unexpected expenses can hike up the cost of camping trips considerably. The key to keeping costs down on vacations in the great outdoors is careful planning.

Make a List and Check it Twice

Think carefully when you make lists of things to pack because buying essentials on the road can be expensive. Spending some time thinking about contingencies that may arise can prevent trips to a convenience store to buy batteries or aspirin.  Also consider the activities you may want to participate in, so you’ll remember to bring the clothing and equipment you will need. For example, if swimming might be on your family’s agenda, pack your bathing suits so you won’t waste money buying them on your trip. Also, planning simple but filling meals like chili can save money on meals out.

Choose Campgrounds Wisely

Parks that come with extra amenities and perks are often most costly than those that don’t. Unless the perks are especially important to you, choose the campgrounds that don’t have the frills. Check out government campgrounds because they frequently offer decent facilities at a lower cost.

Do You Really Need Fancy Camping Gear?

Instead of buying a sleeping bag, just bring blankets and pillows from home. Also, if you need cooking equipment, you can pick up a couple of cast iron skillets from the thrift store.

Cheap Entertainment is the Best Option

A finial tip is to bring board games and a deck of cards to save money on entertainment. These time-honored camping activities provide you with the simple pleasure of enjoying the company of those you love.

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