One of the advantages of traveling in an RV is that you don’t have to leave your cherished dog at home. However, the privilege of having your canine companion with you can present some challenges at times. Susan Rigby, an RVer who has traveled extensively with her dog, shares her tips on

Pack all your dog’s necessities, so you don’t need to purchase things along the way. Include dog toys, as they take little room and can keep your pet entertained. Prepare for emergencies by taking your pet’s health records, in case a visit to a vet is needed.

Employ safety measures when walking your dog at night. Ms. Rigby recommends taking a flashlight, cell phone and a bottle of wasp spray, which you can use if you feel endangered by someone approaching you.

When you want a break from eating in your RV, ask if there are any pet-friendly restaurants in the area. Most restaurants with patios allow pets in this area.

If your pet needs to stay alone in the RV in the campground, make sure all the essentials are there, including having the AC on. Ms. Rigby even leaves a calming music CD playing.

When you want to visit a tourist attraction that doesn’t allow pets, look for a PetCo or PetsMart because they offer daycare. Boarding places are available, but it’s best to get references before trying one.

The main thing to remember is to plan ahead. Visit our Access Camping website regularly for all the latest tips.