A current trend among campers is to use park models as a second home. While these models are not new, they have traditionally been used to offer campers a stay at a campground who don’t own a motorhome. Now, more and more campers are choosing to use them as an affordable second home through either renting them for an extended period, such as the summer months, or through purchasing them.

It’s an option in the hospitality industry than is an appealing alternative to a hotel room. The camper gets electricity and indoor plumbing, as well as access to the campground’s pool and recreational facilities.

HamptonRoads.com reports Cleyardis Yilmaz, an eighth-grade English teacher, enjoyed camping so much that she purchased a park model at a campground close to her Virginia home. She makes the hour’s drive every weekend to stay at her “second home,” enjoying the park’s amenities, such as a hot tub and miniature golf.

Such cabins bear no resemblance to the cabins of yesteryear. Rather than being Spartan affairs with uncomfortable furnishings, today’s park models look like small houses with many of the niceties of home. Many people are purchasing these second homes at a resort they intend to visit again and again, discovering it’s a nice lifestyle.

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