Everyone loves trains, but there aren’t many opportunities for train travel these days. It’s even more difficult to see one of the old-fashioned trains from the heyday of train travel. But at Cedar Rock Railroad, you can get a glimpse of what train travel used to be. The park is only a short drive away when you stay with us at Rio Bonito!

The park’s resident train, “Sophie”, is a custom train built to quarter-scale. It uses old-fashioned locomotive technology to power its movement. Visitors to the park have the chance to take a ride through beautiful scenery on Sophie for about a mile and a half. It’s a great way to relax, and kids love the adventure!

But Sophie isn’t Cedar Park Railroad’s only attraction. Kids of all ages will have a blast in the park’s play area. They can pretend to conduct a train like Sophie or plays cops and robbers on Main Street. Older kids can even drive miniature locomotives. Make sure to enjoy the picnic pads and pick up some souvenirs at the depot! To learn more about Cedar Rock Railroad and get ticket information and hours, visit their website here.

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