With cooking, it’s usually the smaller things to tend to be a nuisance. Even if you are on top of your cooking game, little mistakes can slip past. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your next meal.
Rice is one of those things that even the most experienced chef can get wrong. It tends to clump together, which doesn’t work well for most dishes. This clumping effect is due to excess starch that clings to the grains during the cooking process. A simple fix for this is to put your rice in a mesh colander and run it under cold water until the draining water runs clear. Another issue with rice is reheating it. If you’ve ever tried to reheat Chinese take-out rice, you know the struggle! To make sure that reheated rice stays soft, cover it with a damp paper towel before heating in the microwave. This cover will help the rice steam, infusing moisture into the grains.
Chopped, fresh herbs can really make a dish, but their preparation can be frustrating. It’s hard to control the mess, especially since they can stick to your knife. Adding a pinch of salt to your cutting board will solve this problem. The salt will keep the herbs from sticking to your knife and cutting board.
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