Many of us fight the temptation to hibernate under blankets during the winter, so fixing dinner starts to feel like a chore. Why not make things easier on yourself by taking advantage of kitchen appliances that make preparing meals easy?
The latest trend in cooking is updated pressure cookers, such as the Instantpot. These modern versions of a pressure cooker are easy to use and make cooking a breeze. After getting comfortable with the initial setup, these cookers practically do the work for you. Pre-set buttons make it easy to prepare everything from ribs to stews. Since pressure cookers use steam, meals are ready in a fraction of the time. Forgot to thaw meat for dinner? No problem! You can throw frozen meat in the pressure cooker and have it come out tender and juicy. Thawed meat cooks rapidly, so you can have dinner on the table faster than pizza delivery.
Not sure a pressure cooker is right for you? Why not revisit a slow cooker like the Crockpot? A little advance planning results in a fantastic meal at the end of the day. Most cookers have an auto-warm function that will stop the cooking function and keep your meal ready until you can get home. Cooking slowly over lower temperature allows inexpensive meats to become tender, which saves you additional money over eating out.
Whichever method you choose for preparing dinner, don’t be afraid to seek out new recipes online. You’ll save a lot of money over takeout and feel satisfied this winter with warm, hearty food.
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