The world seems in bloom during spring. But your garden will need a little tender loving care before it can come back after a long winter. Here are a few things you can do to make that easier.
The first step is to remove debris and weeds. You’ll want to make sure that when you pull the weeds you get the roots. This will keep them from returning. Once the weeds have been pulled, trim existing plants to remove any dead leaves and stems. Depending on the plants you have in your garden, you may need to prune at different times.
Most people stop there. But it’s important to prepare the soil for a new season. After the dry winter, your soil needs moisture and may need nutrients. A good garden center is your best friend. The employees should be able to recommend fertilizer and organic materials to use for your area.
After also covering your garden in mulch, you’ll want to add some new plants. Think carefully about cost and type of plant when you make your plans. Perennials will return after frosts and won’t have to be replaced for a while. Annuals will have to be replaced every year. Again, your local garden center can help you decide on what to plant.
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