As we age, it gets harder to get the exercise we need for a healthy life. We either lack the time or the energy. However, it’s crucial to get in at least a little activity each day. Here are a few tips to help make getting exercise less daunting.
Your major focus should be consistency. Even if you only have a few minutes, it can really add up. Start small and dedicate a few minutes between your normal activities to do simple exercises such as jumping jacks or marching in place. Just get started! Small amounts of consistent exercise will make it easier to create a habit. As you get used to it, you can dedicate more time to perform whatever workout you find enjoyable.
One of the simplest exercises you can do is simply walking. Is it nice and sunny outside? Get some fresh air and go for a walk around the area. Music or an audiobook can make the time fly. Making a goal for your walk can also help. Whether it’s to walk around the area a few times or walk for a certain amount of time, it’ll keep you focused on your goal.
Another exercise that’s easy to start is swimming. Swimming is especially good for those with pain and stiffness, as it doesn’t put as much stress on your body as other exercises. No matter how slow or fast you swim, you’ll burn calories and get a better workout due to the water’s resistance. You can even make playing in the pool with the grandkids into a workout!
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