It’s the time of year for letting in the air and sun after a long winter. Our thoughts naturally turn to giving our homes a thorough once-over as well. But where do you even begin? With a few easy tips you can make spring cleaning just a little easier!
First, don’t worry about purchasing a bunch of different cleaning products. Store shelves are lined with specific cleaners for everything. But you really don’t need all of that. A microfiber cloth and a decent all-purpose cleaner can get the job done throughout the house. No need to add clutter and additional expense!
Speaking of clutter, the best way to tackle it is to break it down into categories. Being able to see your items visually can really help you get rid of things you don’t need. An easy way to use this method is to divide your items into four piles: put-away, give-away, store, and trash. This will make it easier to gauge the value of each item to your life.
Lastly, organize cleaning tasks by rooms to make your spring cleaning project less daunting. Worrying about the entire house can be daunting and make you less likely to get to work or track your progress. Having a list for each room instead of one large list lets you see your progress and keeps you motivated.
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