Summer heats quickly saps our energy and can leave us feeling lethargic and groggy. It’s especially dangerous if we have pre-existing health conditions. Staying hydrated is key to combatting the fatigue, muscle cramps, and other uncomfortable side effects of dehydration. But how do you keep yourself drinking when you can’t stand one more sip of plain water? Energy and sports drinks are full of sugar, so they’re not a great option. Fortunately, nature has a remedy. Adding some simple things to your water can improve the taste and even the health benefits of your water without adding anything unwanted.
Many people swear by drinking water with lemon daily, and it’s a good way to get a boost. One of the benefits of lemon, according to some health experts, it that it helps support your liver and kidneys. It also adds a fresh, energizing twist to water. Other citrus fruits provide that same zest that will keep you drinking throughout the day.
There’s a reason spas add cucumber to their water. The refreshing taste masks an important job: flushing out water retention. Parsley is another additive that will alleviate bloating, which is a constant problem during the heat of summer. You may want to think about adding mint to your water also. It’s cooling effect will help when you’re out in the sun.
Try different combinations of fruit and herbs to find ones you like. Whether you make a large pitcher for a day at home or fill a bottle to take on the road, you’ll keep drinking and stay well-hydrated during the worst summer days.
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