It seems everyone is busy these days and looking for convenience and ways to cut down the time they spend on things like cooking. But saving time doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune eating out or sacrificing flavor. A few smart substitutions can take your homemade meals and elevate them to something right out of a restaurant.
Boxed dessert mixes are convenient for busy bakers, but the end result often tastes like it came from a box. However, a few tricks can change that. For mixes that call for butter, try some European butter like Kerrygold. You can add a teaspoon of vanilla to give a richer flavor. Good quality eggs can also make a big difference in taste.
For cookie and brownie mixes, try substituting better quality chocolate chips like Ghirardelli instead of the ones that come in the box. You can also add peanut butter or butterscotch chips to add more flavor.
Boxed cheesecake mixes become special when made in individual ramekins. You can also drizzle the cake with hot fudge sauce or make a quick fruit sauce to put on top. Making your own whipped cream is another easy step that gives a lot of flavor.
Don’t forget the savory dishes! Adding some European butter or sour cream to mashed potatoes elevates them to gourmet. Try fresh herbs instead of dried herbs in your sauces. Lastly, slow cooking or marinating overnight can transform cheaper cuts of meat into something tender and amazing. You’ll be wowing your taste buds in no time!
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